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Trial Pack for Dogs

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Sample bags of just a few grams are not enough to know if your dog really likes a new food, or thinks it is just a new treat! It also doesn't let you see how your fur baby's tummy is going to react to a change in diet. Will they keep eating it after a few days? Is it good for their digestion? Would they have preferred a different flavour? Do they have a sensitivity to a particular type of meat?

To answer these questions, a sample simply won't do!

That's why we created our 1kg trial bags. So you can see and discover which recipe is perfect for your dog before buying a larger bag. Each 1kg bag provides your dog with enough food for a few days so you can see how our recipes 'go in' and - sometimes more importantly - how they 'come out'!

Not sure which of our delicious Celtic Connection Holistic Recipes your dog is going to love? Our Trial Pack includes a 1kg bag in each of our fabulous flavours so you can discover your dog's favourite. They are also a great choice for fussy dogs who tend to go off their food quickly or as a variety pack for small dogs!
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