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Goat/Deer Skin Chew Bones

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[tab name='- Description -'] Sensitive dogs like to chew too!! Many pets are sensitive to beef, including their skin, which makes it difficult to find a good chew bone that won't cause digestive issues... until now!

Our hypoallergenic pressed 'hide' bones are hand-formed using goat or deerskin, then slowly air-dried for a satisfying, long-lasting chew. They are a great way to keep dogs busy (supervision is still recommended) and also help clean the teeth.

Unlike beef rawhide bones, our bones are not bleached and no glues or preservatives are used to make them. The skins are also thinner than beef rawhide which makes them easier to digest when swallowed.

If your dog is a little overweight, or needs to watch its fat intake, deerskin is also low in fat so your pet doesn't need to miss out on the joy of chewing.

Available in 10cm, 12cm, and 17cm depending on the type of skin.
[tab name='- Composition -'] 100% Goatskin or 100% Deerskin
[tab name='- Nutritional Info -']
Analytical Constituents
Goatskin: Crude Protein: 91%, Fats & Oils: 6%
Deerskin: Crude Protein: 94%, Fats & Oils: 1.4%

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