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Go-Fetch Sticks

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[tab name='- Description -'] A great interactive treat for your dog!
Tightly wrapped fish skins create a handy 'stick' that you can play fetch with... if your dog is willing to give this delicious stick back!

For medium to large dogs or heavy chewers :
Large Go-Fetch Sticks - approx. 25cm long and 2.5cm thick
Contents: 2 Large Sticks

For small to medium dogs or daintier mouths:
Mini Go-Fetch Sticks - approx.12cm long and 1cm thick
Contents: 4 Mini Sticks

[tab name='- Composition -'] 100% Cod Skin or 100% Salmon Skin

[tab name='- Nutritional Info -'] 100% Cod Skin Go-Fetch Sticks: Protein: 83%, Oil & Fat: 4%, Omega-3: 1%, Omega-9: 1.5%
100% Salmon Go-Fetch Sticks: Protein: 61%, Oil & Fat: 27%, Omega-3: 4%, Omega-9: 12%

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