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Flavour Sprinkles

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[tab name='- Description -']
Everything is better with sprinkles! Whether you are trying to tempt your fussy pooch or just want to make meals special for your fur-baby, our flavour sprinkles are a great way to personalize your pet's meals.

They are made with 100% pure human-grade quality ingredients that we know your pet will love and the handy stainless steel shaker puts you in complete control. Choose the small opening for just a dusting of added flavour or the larger opening for a more generous treat. Sprinkle a little, sprinkle a lot! It's up to you!

Want to give them a try first to see which flavour is your pet's favourite? Try our Sampler Straws! All our Sprinkles flavour in a handy trial format, which is also great if you are on the go, or as a special treat when your furbaby is staying away from home.

[tab name='- Composition -']
Freeze-dried Antelope,
Freeze-dried Lamb,
Freeze-dried Ostrich,
Freeze-dried Salmon,
Dehydrated Duck Meat,
Dehydrated Venison Meat
Dehydrated Lamb Tripe
[tab name='- Nutritional Info -']
Analytical Constituents:
Freeze-dried Antelope: Crude Protein: 61%, Fats & Oils: 20%
Freeze-dried Lamb: Crude Protein: 48%, Fats & Oils: 37%
Freeze-dried Ostrich: Crude Protein: 46%, Fats & Oils: 31%
Freeze-dried Salmon: Crude Protein: 39%, Fats & Oils: 45%

Available in 100% Duck, Lamb Tripe, Salmon, Venison, Freeze-dried Antelope, Freeze-dried Lamb Meat or Freeze-dried Ostrich. Mmmmm... yummy!

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